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A correct understanding and a suitable management of risks connected with the use of roads represents a basic element for safety while travelling, for the safeguard of infrastructures and the surrounding environment. Many are the possible events and accidents and appear to the User, the Manager and the Administration in different ways, different frequency of occurrence.

Small and relevant events are always possible. The relevant events, are normally characterized by a more occasional nature and by a lower probability. From the point of view of a good management of the road, the relevant event is certainly always being focused on, but it is not always true that the most serious event develops the greatest damage, if we analyze the facts based on objective data.

Sometimes in fact the accumulation of damages deriving from smaller events originates more remarkable consequences altogether. An example of this type of event can be found on the risks connected to the circulation of vehicles, where a plurality of events, spread over a multiplicity of roads and cases, maybe similar among them but in fact different, develops a huge damage for the collectivity and requires a strong engagement from the administration and the network manager in order to collect and analyze the data.