ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators collaborate with telephone operators and provide coverage for cell phones along their own road network. It is quite a useful service in case of emergency, and a convenience for passengers. Nonetheless, not only is it forbidden to use your mobile phone while driving, but it also in- creases the risk of accidents by 5 times. A telephone call may divert your attention from driving, but texting is 20 times more dangerous. It's not distraction, it's an irresponsible act! While a downturn is observed in the trend of some other risky behaviours, for this one an increase is recorded, which is directly proportional to the informatic equipment available to the drivers. Many na- tional governments are taking severe measures to oppose such bad behaviour. When you're driving, you should drive only and nothing more!

All the time, when you're driving.
Always focus your attention on the road, keep your hands on the steering wheel and never use electronic com- munication devices.
Recent surveys (by IPSOS) highlight that 76% of Italian people identify the human factor, namely distraction and non compliance with the Road Code, as the main cause of road accidents. Among the most dangerous activities: talk- ing on the cell phone (50%), dialling a telephone number (45%), and texting (76%). The youngest drivers (between 18 and 24) are the ones who text the most when driving. Some US researches show that texting while driving increase the risk of accident by 23 times. As a matter of fact, you turn away from the road for 4,6 seconds when texting, which means (at 50 km/h) driving the length of a football field without looking. Since March 2012, the Italian law introduced stricter pro- visions on the use of cell phones while driving, thus recog- nizing the risk inherent in such action. Therefore, if you have to send a text message, pull in a service station and park safely. The motorway system is safe as long as the drivers are careful. Any distraction or carelessness may have a great cost for yourself and for the others - because road doesn’t spare the inattentive people.

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