ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators have undertaken to design, build and operate roads where it’s possible to travel safely. However, comfort doesn’t mean that you should be less attentive or keep your hands off the wheel. Inattentive driving is one of the main reasons for road accidents. Although the consequences of ab- sent minded driving are serious, we, as drivers, do not have the right perception of how much certain habits may negatively affect road safety - e.g. changing your music, handling CDs or other devices while driving. If you want to change your music, stop in a service station and take two minutes to choose your favourite soundtrack or make a phone call.

When driving.
You should drive and nothing more! Driving safely means there’s no room for distraction.
Changing a CD while driving is a serious source of distraction because, besides making you lose your concentration, it makes you turn away from the road and increases reaction times. Those who handle an electronic device while driving in- crease their reaction time by 50%. Remember that changing a CD while driving is the cause of 11,4% of accidents when distraction is a point in case. Even here, technology helps us with buttons on the wheel or multiple CD loaders. The motorway system is safe as long as the drivers are careful. Any distraction or carelessness may have a great cost for yourself and the others, because road does- n’t spare inattentive people.

Robert Risktaker

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Speed is my passion … No fear in tunnels Never drive when you’re tired Don’t ...

Speed is my passion … No fear in tunnels Never drive when you’re tired Don’t eat or drink while driving Don’t smoke while driving Check the medicaments you take before driving


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