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ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators have undertaken to maintain the facility and improve safety standards, to build it in a way suitable to ensure safe and comfortable journeys through the introduction of rest and parking areas and emergency bays, and to offer information services in accordance with the highest European standards thanks to the participation of Italian authorities and themselves to European programs. One of them is EasyWay, a program co-funded by the European Commission (DG Move), aimed at improving traffic information systems for users through the implementation of intelligent transportation systems.
The Motorway Operators ensure active surveillance throughout motorways from a dedicated traffic control centre open 24/7, especially during the summer exodus for holidays.
Patrols from both the Road Police and Motorway Operator are on non-stop duty on the road to keep an eye on traffic through videocameras and radars.
The Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, the Road Police and Motorway Operators provides you with the latest information available in real time through dedicated radio channels, traffic lights and variable message signs. However, no road will ever be large enough and ensure smooth traffic flows if the whole population decides to leave for a journey at the same time. Make smart choices intelligent choices so as not to worsen traffic conditions.

In mass holidays and mass departure times; on a return journey from weekends or holidays.
Plan your departure taking the traffic forecasts into account (if possible delay or anticipates your departure by avoiding peak times) and keep informed along the journey. Check the vehicle properly, before the journey. Fix the cargo you are carrying, both on the luggage carrier and inside the vehicle and the passenger compartment. In the event of a collision, a loose cargo could turn into a real "crazy bullet". Avoid any objects that might impair the driver's rear view. Don't leave for a journey in the hottest hours of the day and aerate your adequately before getting into it. Turn the air conditioning on and set a suitable internal temperature, about 5 degrees below the outside temperature. Don't forget to bring sufficient water with you in the event of unforeseen queues. Fasten your seat belts, both in the front and in the back seats, and secure infant car seats. Before placing the children on the seat, verify it is not overheated. Do not leave people in the car parked in the sun even for short periods. Comply with speed limits and safety distances. Travel after having rested and stop as you first feel tired in order to "stretch your legs a bit". Stop only in the service stations and parking areas. During the stops, avoid eating too quickly and above all do not drink alcohol, even in the quantity admitted by law. In the event of an accident, use the SOS/emergency call boxes, dial 113 for the Police, 118 for an ambulance, and 115 for fire brigades. Be informed when you travel: tune on the dedicated radio frequencies indicated along the motorways or call the Traffic Call Center suggested by the motorway operator that you are driving on (see www.aiscat.it or www.autostradafacendo.it). Stop on the emergency lane or in a parking area only in the event of a breakdown or if not feeling well. Dial 113 from your mobile phone to ask for help. Always use the freest lane on the right-hand side.
"Smart departures" do not only mean leaving at 5 in the morning or late in the evening to be able to travel smoothly. A smart attitude should begin home, even before you start your engine, and end when you got to your destination safely. You'd rather be farsighted and give a look before leaving than waste hours, even days, travelling or risk serious accidents.

Road Code 

Manuel Right

advises you:

Watch your reaction time Always keep safety distance If you caused or witnesse...

Watch your reaction time Always keep safety distance If you caused or witnessed a crash, stop and help Always wear your seat belt, even for short trips Secure your loads properly Keep your position on the road Check the tyres Monitor the state of shock-absorbers How pets should be carried Never abandon your pets


Edward Dash

advises you:

How to stop in case of emergency Use sos emergency call boxes Beware of fog W...

How to stop in case of emergency Use sos emergency call boxes Beware of fog When it’s raining Beware of aquaplaning


Frederick Cautious-Pius

advises you:

Secure the cargoes on your trucks Observe driving and break times

Patty Risktaker

advises you:

Never unfasten the seatbelts in the backseats Don't keep children on your lap ...

Never unfasten the seatbelts in the backseats Don't keep children on your lap Don't keep unsecured objects or baggage inside your car Lock the doors automatically Don’t leave children alone in the car


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