ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators have undertaken to ensure a good level of grip and evenness of the motorway pavement and aim at pro- viding suitable road beds for bikers. On their side, manufacturers have undertaken to design and homologate their helmets according to the criteria set by UN and EU institutions. Although you might be one of those who (negligently) think that helmets just leave your hair ruffled, you should be aware that fatalities involving bikes are well beyond 1,000 per year considering Italy only. Furthermore, 40% of the conse- quences of such fatalities could be avoided just by wearing a helmet correctly. Yes, you read well! We are talking about almost half of deaths. Now that you know that, you can understand why those who wear a helmet are leaders, not geeks. Respect yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror and swear you’ll wear and duly fasten your helmet before starting the engine.

Every time you ride on a bike or a motor-scooter.
Before starting the engine, check that your helmet is duly fas- tened. If not, it can unfasten and be dropped even before you fall off, crash or slip. If you want to be sure that your helmet is a high quality product, specially designed to protect bikers’ heads in case of road accidents, check for the “R22” label. This means it has been tested and homologated according to the stricter criteria worldwide (i.e. UN Regulation 22).
In case of fall, the damages to your head are due to the impact of your head onto a rigid surface following to an abrupt stop (in addition to excoriations from friction against rough surfaces as asphalt roads). To prevent this kind of damage, you need to mitigate abrupt stops and make them somehow smoother. Remember that, not only do the helmets homolo- gated according to the regulations issued by the European Office for the United Nations save your life, but they also spare you from being fined, having your bike seized, and even 5 points subtracted from your driving license if an over 18 driver wears no helmet or carries a under 18 passenger wearing no helmet. Moreover, remember that bikers making risky ma- noeuvres (e.g., riding in an incorrect position, riding with only one hand on the handlebars without reason, lifting up their front wheel, towing or being towed by another vehicle), as well as bikers carrying a passenger on a vehicle which has no homologation for such purpose are punished by law. Complying with rules means undertaking a battle for civilization and be- coming a leader - a “blue helmet” for road safety.

Charlie Risktaker

advises you:

Don't drink alcohol Don't take drugs when driving Don't send or read sms while...

Don't drink alcohol Don't take drugs when driving Don't send or read sms while driving


Manuel Right

advises you:

Watch your reaction time Always keep safety distance If you caused or witnesse...

Watch your reaction time Always keep safety distance If you caused or witnessed a crash, stop and help Always wear your seat belt, even for short trips Secure your loads properly Keep your position on the road Check the tyres Monitor the state of shock-absorbers How pets should be carried Never abandon your pets


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