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ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators support the Road Police Service through special agreements providing economic resources and materials. Not only does this contribution allow the Road Police to ensure higher standards of road safety, but it also provides safer roads and service areas from the perspective of the public order forces. Nonetheless, you should never underestimate the possible presence of thieves and fraudsters.

Every time you take a break during your journey in the service stations or large parking areas.
Double check that the doors are actually locked after pushing the button on the central locking control. It is a simple gesture that can protect you from a theft.
The good rule not to leave anything in sight and always lock the car doors even for short stops might no longer be enough nowadays. Part of thefts in cars are perpetrated using sophisticated technological tools, whose existence is often unknown.
The jammer is a device intended to disturb the frequencies of remote controls within a radius of a few tens of meters. It is operated by the thief when the driver leaves the car parked and uses the central locking control to lock the doors. The signal of the jammer disturbs the remote control and the doors of the car remain open. When a car is open, a thief needs no more than 5 minutes to "wipe it clean". Unfortunately, you need over ten minutes to drink your coffee.
However, the same result can also be obtained with less technological means. A thief approaches the car pretending to be the owner of the car nearby. When the driver uses the central locking control, the thief rises a handle of the door without being seen by the owner of the car. Also in this case, the locking procedure is interrupted without the driver being aware of it. After a few minutes, the thief can act undisturbed.
As trivial as they may seem, we want to add some more tips: take valuable objects with you, do not leave anything in sight, clean the sign left on the glass by the sucker of the satellite navigator, put objects that appear to be valuable out of the view before getting to the parking area and not when you're already there, cause you could be seen by potential thieves.
Remember to report any problem to the service station attendants immediately and, if necessary, to the Police authorities. The safety of other drivers is also your safety.

Robert Risktaker

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Speed is my passion … No fear in tunnels Never drive when you’re tired Don’t ...

Speed is my passion … No fear in tunnels Never drive when you’re tired Don’t eat or drink while driving Don’t smoke while driving Check the medicaments you take before driving


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