ASTM-SIAS operators have undertaken an everyday passio- nate work to improve the conditions of licensed roads. Along with the Road Police, they even assume (personal) operating risks needed to protect motorways users and make roads safer and clear, thus preventing traffic from slowing down, which is in itself a risk for road users. This is why they remind you that emergency lanes is a priority passage for rescue and first aid squads, which means that they are dedicated to control, aid and rescue vehicles. These lanes should be used only for that purpose - and let’s hope they are seldom used for it, by the way. As far as ordinary users are concerned, they have the right to stop there in case of breakdown or difficulty only, which makes it impos- sible or too risky to go on. All vehicles not intended for control or rescue are expressly denied to access to such lane by the Road Code. According to the current law, in case of forced stop, it is for- bidden to get out of the vehicle without wearing the reflective jackets, which should be homologated and bear the CE label (it must be kept in the cabin, not in the boot).

All the time when you’re driving on a motorway.
Never drive along the emergency lane for a short or a long trip either, to pass traffic jams or queues or for any other reasons not directly connected to situations of real emergency. If you are forced to stop along such lane, re- member that according to the Road Code your stop there should be as short as possible (usually not more than a few minutes, and never longer than 3 hours). Remember that it is forbidden to drive in reverse on this lane.
Stationing or driving unduly along a space which was designed to ease the circulation of rescue vehicles is an obnoxious action. If such violation is committed to save time to the detriment of other people, thus preventing ac- cess to rescue vehicles, is even irresponsible and despicable, because this could seriously damage people, slow down ambulances and other rescue vehicles which are there to protect public interests.

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