To be informed is to be safe


ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators ensure active surveillance throughout motorways from a dedicated traffic control centre open 24/7. Patrols from both the Road Police and Motorway Operator are on non-stop duty on the road to keep an eye on traffic through videocameras and weather sensors.
The Road Police and Motorway Operator provides you with the latest information available in real time on radio channels, traffic lights and variable message signs. In addition to that, the national authorities and ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators participate in European Programs, e.g. EasyWay, a program co-funded by the European Commission (DG Move) aimed at implementing intelligent transportation systems so to favour the development of equal services over the whole European network, e.g., variable message signs reading journey times, possible inconveniences or dangers along the route.
Our daily mission is to provide accurate and reliable information so that you can take appropriate decisions for your journey and make it safer and as much comfortable as possible. This is why you are asked to take our messages into consideration and contribute to make roads safer and more efficient for yourself and the other users with a wise behaviour.

Before leaving or whenever you're driving through a motorway..
Before leaving, get information on the stretch you have to drive through. Our websites provide real time information on traffic conditions. When travelling, read attentively and keep strictly to the instructions provided in real time via radio and variable message signs.
To prevent risks and unforeseen events and make your own and the other users' journey more comfortable.

Road Code

Robert Risktaker

advises you:

Speed is my passion … No fear in tunnels Never drive when you’re tired Don’t ...

Speed is my passion … No fear in tunnels Never drive when you’re tired Don’t eat or drink while driving Don’t smoke while driving Check the medicaments you take before driving


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