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WE 4 YOU ASTM-SIAS Motorways have always been equipped with tunnel-specific lighting systems. Several Italian laws and a European directive have recently confirmed such choice as being more than suitable. The lighting systems in our tunnels are specifically sized to ensure safety and comfort in order to balance the effect of transition from open air to the tunnel. However, an attentive and correct drive is the determinative factor for safety margins. And don't forget to avoid overspeeding! The tunnel lighting system has been sized to fit the physiological characteristics of human eyes and their capacity to adapt to darkness gradually and considering the speed allowed on the motorway. ASTM-SIAS Motorway Operators design tunnel lighting systems to guarantee the highest safety standards at motorway speed limits. So, don't ever exceed them, or you'll put your own safety and the other users' at risk. When? When approaching tunnel portals What? Take off your sunglasses and observe speed limits. Why? Sunglasses might keep obstacles hidden. Road and facility features are designed for specific speed limits. When you exceed such limits, you're not driving safe anymore. Road Code ART. 140 (PRINCIPIO INFORMATORE DELLA CIRCOLAZIONE) Road code implementation regulations ART. 322 (REQUISITI VISIVI)

Christine Faint

advises you:

Always use appropriate child seat Don't do your hair, don't make up, don't chan...

Always use appropriate child seat Don't do your hair, don't make up, don't change your clothes while driving! Don't use your cell phone if you don't have a hand-free system, bluetooth or headphones


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